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Athena Award: The Journey of Miss Julie's School of Beauty and Honoring Chloe Quimby

Receiving the Athena award is an unexpected and immense honor for Miss Julie’s School of Beauty. In this blog post, we'll delve into the roots of our journey, the unique approach we've taken, and the significant impact we've made in the fight against human trafficking.

As a licensed master social worker and cosmetologist, I embarked on a mission to establish Miss Julie’s School of Beauty, an innovative therapeutic support cosmetology school for human trafficking survivors and those at risk. This endeavor, now spanning eight years, blends my social work expertise with the cosmetology field.

Teaming up with Chloe Quimby, a technical writer, we meticulously developed a solution to the sex trafficking epidemic. Breaking into the beauty industry and collaborating with all three branches of government, our goal was to create a national model as a permanent means of escape.  

Chloe and I crafted an evidence-based assessment and intervention training program, further validated by Dr. Brenda McQuillan, Director of the Master of Social Work program at Roberts Wesleyan University. This program has been presented to various entities, from the trauma-informed network resource center to universities, stylists and anti-trafficking agencies.  

Our efforts are already yielding tangible results. Human trafficking cases are being identified and reported following our training sessions, and people are equipped to intervene safely when they recognize the signs. By collaborating with the government, we are opening doors for survivors to transition into a career path that ensures a permanent escape from human trafficking.

While the journey has been challenging and met with adversity, the resilience of Miss Julie's

School of Beauty prevails. Blood, sweat, and tears have paved the way for a groundbreaking double-pronged approach, with the assessment and intervention training standing out as the first means of escape.  

Miss Julie’s School of Beauty is not just a cosmetology school; it is a sanctuary for survivors, a catalyst for change, and a pioneer in the battle against human trafficking. 

The Athena award serves as a testament to our commitment to empowering individuals and creating a future where everyone can thrive. Thank you Chloe Quimby for the years of service, research, writing and helping me every step of the way.

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