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Team Leader

Our organization's team leaders bring a diverse background in trauma informed trainings, including, trainings in mental health, substance use and abuse, advocacy, suicide prevention, and awareness. With a strong focus on survivor led initiatives, our team leaders will be able to work within the school setting. We ensure a survivor-centric approach while adhering to sensitive procedures and policies. Team Leaders that will be working within our school are highly trained SOAR, MHFA, Safe Talk, Restorative Circles, and each team member practices Reflective Supervision. We have begun training before the school is open to be fully prepared and ready to operate a therapeutic school in a restorative setting. Additional trainings have been provided by Dr. Brenda McQuillan Ph.D, LCSW, Jadyn McCune LCSW,  Dr. Elizabeth Meeker PsyD, The NYS Office of Mental Health, Coordinated Care Services INC., Trauma Informed Network and Resource Center, and NHTTAC. 
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Executive Director 
Athena Award Recipient 2024

Julie Chapus is a licensed Master Social Worker, 2001. She has worked in the Rochester Psychiatric Center, Park Ridge Chemical Dependency Unit, and Westfall Associates as the Dual Diagnostic Therapist treating chemically dependent and mental health diagnoses. Julie is currently a Tending the Roots Trauma Informed Trainer with Trauma Informed Network and Resource Center under the Office of Mental Health.

She saw a need for human trafficked survivors to have a stable and lucrative income through state licensure. She went to cosmetology school in 2016 in order to open up Miss Julie’s School of Beauty.  And in 2021 gained her cosmetology instructor license.

Julie has taken her knowledge from the social work field and blended it with her training in cosmetology to create an in-depth class for a wide variety of professionals covering what trafficking is, what it looks like in our area, and what we can do about it.  


Julie’s training was reviewed by a multi-disciplinary panel of experts including some from FBI child exploitation task force and domestic violence experts Stop Abuse Campaign, coalitions against trafficking, the medical field and has been given the green light across the board. In addition to training local salon professionals, Julie has provided training to the Global Public Health Association at RIT,  and at Nazareth college to psychology students, social workers, and  nurses. 

Additionally, Julie is working to combine resources across the county to support victims and create a permanent means of escape from trafficking through the first school of its kind in the USA.


Founding Member and Co-Author

Chloe co-developed the material for MJSB's Awareness Training Program. Chloe created MJSB affiliated agreements and all of the school's official documents.


Chloe holds a bachelor's in biology (2014) and has been freelance writing for the past several years as she homeschools her two boys. 


Co-Owner Need + Co.
School Agent

During the past 12 years Jordan has developed a voice in the small-business circle of Upstate New York she is a licensed cosmetologist, entrepreneur, educator, and street-level community advocate. She has traveled internationally volunteering in the cosmetology industry, as well as community development and education. With a focus on empowering women to find their voice in business, and educates on Anti Trafficking.  Jordan looks forward to growing and building with Miss Julie’s School of Beauty. She sits on the visionary board with Rochester's Bossy, a group for women and non-binary business owners and is a public speaker inspiring harmony between business and life for entrepreneurs and management professionals.

She co-owns Need + Co. in Downtown Rochester. Need + Co offers education to help providers create successful businesses in authentic harmony with their lifestyles. Learning with Need is a choice to be part of a growing community that’s invested in cultivating good energy in the styling chair and the overall beauty industry. +Co cultivates a cooperative style business structure merging the beauty industry with education, local makers, and artists.

Melissa Hartwig

Director of Admissions & Accreditation Policies

Melissa Hartwig is a microscope scientist, mold department manager, and assistant laboratory manager at EMSL Analytical. Previously the Fundraising Chair at QUEST Horsemanship, Melissa is applying her skillset and passion to help others by coordinating our volunteers and creating policies and procedures that can streamline easily into accreditation standards for the school.


Lindsay Betts

Director of Education / Instructor

Lindsay Betts is a licensed Cosmetologist, and holds certifications through the Safe and Together Institute, as well as Mental Health First Aide, Safe Zone, ACES, DV 101, Human Trafficking 101, and has been trained as a Mandated Reporter. 
In the past, Lindsay has worked for a non-profit as a Domestic Violence Advocate, assisting survivors with safety planning, orders of protection, and navigating through both family, and criminal court systems.  Lindsay partnered with survivors on their healing journey by providing emotional support, and education through a trauma informed lens. When an anonymous cash donation was made to the agency, Lindsay decided to put it to good use. She purchased hair supplies, and was able to provide survivors with full salon services at no cost to them. This salon visit was the first for some survivors, while another shared she had forgotten what she looked liked because she had been forced by her abuser for years to keep her hair a certain way.  Helping survivors restore their dignity, and confidence was where Lindsay truly discovered her passion. 

Alfonsina Desino

Survivor Leader / Advocate

Alfonsina Desino, a dedicated Case Manager at Rochester SAFE Court, extends crucial support to trafficking survivors in Rochester and Monroe County. Drawing from her own experiences, she offers a unique blend of knowledge and relatability to guide victims toward a brighter future. With a background as Resident Support Staff at Jennifer House and a Peer Advocate at Open Access and Delphi Rise, Alfonsina passionately believes in providing second chances to survivors. As a Certified Peer Recovery Advocate (CRPA) and working towards her Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse certificate (CASAC), she empowers individuals to discover their strengths and unlock their potential despite the traumas they've faced. Alfonsina's personal connection as a survivor enhances her ability to connect deeply with the women she serves.

Mandy Winseman

LMSW School Social Worker / Psychotherapist
Enrollment Assessments, Data Collection and Research, Including Wrap Around Services

Mandy earned a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Southwest Texas State University in 1999. She also earned her Master’s in Social Work from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY in 2001. Mandy has used the therapeutic skills, strategies, and techniques acquired in these programs and from her work experience to help support many individuals, couples, and families through some of the most challenging times of their lives.

Mandy utilizes many different approaches to therapy while offering professional mental health support. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Integrative/Holistic Psychotherapy are two she believes to benefit the most diverse population of patients. Mandy’s professional experience has included a variety of mental health struggles including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, addiction, eating disorders, divorce, grief and loss. Solutions Focused Therapy and Client/Patient Centered Therapy are also utilized to support individuals with identifying problem solving skills to create an effective action plan.

Ralph Bocchino

Field Liaison

Ralph is our dedicated School Board Field Liaison. With comprehensive training in restorative circles, reflective supervision, trauma-informed care, mental health first aid, and suicide prevention, Ralph seamlessly bridges the gap between the school and the board. His role involves providing valuable oversight, conducting regular internal audits, and ensuring effective communication to facilitate adjustments when needed. Ralph's commitment ensures our program runs smoothly, creating a safe and supportive educational environment.

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