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The Beauty School 

We are currently working to create the first school of beauty of its kind in the country designed to help trafficking survivors and those at risk to get their NYS beautician certification. The school will instruct students in cosmetology and provide them with the skills for successful careers while also supporting them with specific trauma-informed structure. 

We are committed to helping survivors work towards a safe and beautiful future, for themselves and their families. 

"I think it is really important that we do start to reach out more and do more outreach. And we start to really show these women that they are human beings  and that we care what happens to them."  - survivor, Rochester, NY

What's Special About Our School? 


Survivor Informed and Evidence Based Structure*

*We are currently working with Dr. Brenda Mcquillan (Robert Wesleyan University Social Work Program) 


Therapeutic Secondary Support School 


Flexible and specially trained staff


Provides anonymity for survivors 


Helps break barriers preventing survivors from starting careers

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How can I support the school? 

Miss Julie's School of Beauty is hoping to be able to enroll its first class in the fall of 2024. While we have been making some major steps towards getting our school open, we are still looking for donations to reach our goal of $1M required to open the school. You can donate on this webpage through PayPal. We appreciate your support! 

What are we currently working on? 

The Sibley building in downtown Rochester has given us space for our school to be located. We are currently working with architect, Paul Minor, to develop the space. We have also received some gracious equipment donations from Goldwell. Our team is continuing to work with local and state partners to secure funding and support for the school. 

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