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Welcome Readers, to the Beautiful Future Blog

Because we have seen the horrific aftermath of human trafficking in Rochester, NY firsthand, this blog is dedicated to shining light into the darkness of the trafficking industry. It's our hope that through the efforts of committed public servants and volunteers, as well as the education of the community, that survivors of the industry can have a beautiful future and those at-risk may never become its victims.

The purpose of the Beautiful Future Blog:

  • To update readers on the School's work each month. We're excited to announce each step of the journey as we work toward the opening of our doors in September of 2022.

  • To provide education regarding human trafficking. Perpetuated misinformation is part of the reason that the sex trade continues to thrive. We want to provide relevant facts in the hope of increasing recognition and prevention at a community level.

  • To share the hope of lives being changed. We are so heartened by the courageous survivors who are looking forward to their futures; we want to give them a voice here.

Please consider this a personal invitation to join us in our anti-trafficking mission, and stay in touch by subscribing!

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