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Salons Unite

We are so blessed to have so many stylists and salons raising money for our school! They are doing this because they know Miss Julie's School of Beauty will change lives. Stylists and owners know cosmetology is a lucrative career. They have first-hand experience of what this licensure has done for them. Salon owners and stylists don't need to be told our school will work, because they are living proof that it will! They not only have their own bills paid, but they have enough left over to be able to help us during the holiday season through their generosity, when many of us are coping with tight budgets. Did we mention cosmetology is a lucrative career? Thank you, House of Mavriks and Studio Kalon! Our students have a merry and bright future because you believe in them and in us. We are honored to be a part of this amazing industry and community, and we thank you for the support.

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