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Human Trafficking Safety Training - Coming soon to a salon near you!

Exciting news - we've recently finished developing a unique set of training materials for stylists, and are now bringing human trafficking awareness to the beauty industry. Our 3-hour course educating salons on how to recognize/support human trafficking victims, debuts at Goldwell's Rochester Studio on September 19th. Read on for details!

As we continue to raise funds for a school building where we seek to empower survivors through cosmetology training, we have combined our expertise on human trafficking and the beauty industry and created this course to begin helping victims in Rochester, NY now.

Why launch this educational program?

Our goal to provide training and materials to professionals in the beauty industry, and additionally achieves the following objectives:

  1. We desire to contribute uniquely, according to our expertise, to the anti-trafficking work in Rochester.

  2. We desire to build relationships with salons/spas in the community, so that when we are ready to open the doors of our school to survivors, we will have a network of like-minded businesses to whom we can recommend our graduates.

  3. We desire to begin helping now, as we are able, and provide training to salons/spas in the Rochester, NY area – we want our impact to go beyond what our team can do by itself.

  4. We desire to demonstrate a record of excellence in the anti-trafficking field, both as we become established in the community and as we pursue funding.

Why educate salons/spas? Victims of trafficking are hidden in plain sight. Traffickers often utilize salons' hair and nail services for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's to make child victims look older to those exploiting them; sometimes to make them more attractive to "clients"; sometimes, even to build trust so that a person can later be exploited.

Salons/spas and their stylists are in a unique position to combat trafficking on the front lines, simply by creating relationships with their clients - and our course gives them the tools to do this vital work safely.

What can you do? Are you a local stylist who wants to be trained? Register for the event through Goldwell's website.

Can't make the September 19th class? If you work in the beauty industry and are interested in receiving training, please contact us.

If you'd like to support us in our anti-trafficking work, consider donating today, or pass along our information to your own stylist.

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